Moti Mahal Deluxe - A CFG evening

The legendary Moti Mahal from Delhi, I believe were the ones who invented the Butter Chicken Masala and a host of other dishes that we might think were centuries old. (I hope they don't stake claim for Chicken 65)! I really like this place and I have been a regular customer for their packed lunch - which is a real value for money for me - at Rs 225, the quantity and quality is quite good and I have written about it too. So last week, a bunch of 15 of us from CFG were invited to test out their offerings and it turned out to be a gala evening.

There is no way I can remember all the dishes we had and I was not able to try all of their dishes either, but a lot of them were excellent. The paneer, (yeah, I am talking about a veg dish), was excellent and was loved by the herbivores and carnivores equally. Their standard butter chicken was just as good and there was a Lasooni (or Lasuni?) kebab that was excellent. The range of Indian breads were just as good and the spicy paratha was rather different. We finished off with an excellent paan ice cream to end a wonderful dinner with friends.

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Till next time....