Hi, I am Wasim, a wellness physician from Chennai and a foodie who loves to experiment with flavours. My passion for food and the inevitable travel that came along the way has given me a wide perspective of food - both eating out and cooking. This blog is my way to sharing my food experiences with the world. What started off as being a blog on eating out in Chennai has evolved to include eating from around the world, but mostly Chennai and Bangalore for now, with the odd international ones, but more importantly has evolved to include cooking and my experiments in the kitchen.

This journey has also taken me to some fantastic chefs and cooks and talking to them about their passions and their journey has had an impact on me. Whenever I have the option, I have included a perspective or two from them and at times, I have spent a lot of time, trying to understand flavours and techniques that are not native to us.

Also, like most bloggers who started out blogging about eating out, I also started off sort of 'reviewing' restaurants. However, I would like to mention that I no longer 'review' restaurants. I've learnt that palettes can be very different and that reviewing no longer has meaning for me as a writer. There are enough websites for that. So I believe I am a food writer. I write about food and that happens via my experiences with food, be it eating out or cooking or traveling.

The blog has also brought me in close contact with chefs and restaurants. If you visit a place often, you are bound to be taken care of by them. Its called 'regulars', so fortunately or unfortunately I also have that tag and that makes it very difficult to objectively write about service. So in places where I am recognised, I try to keep the blog post to the food and what it is, while in places where I am not recognised and I love the food, it is an objective view. I've tried to not write about bad experiences as I want to try to keep this blog as much about positivity as is possible.

Good food and good health have been considered, mutually exclusive, but this journey has also taught me that nothing could be farther from the truth. Wellness and good food are very much interlinked and it is make-believe stuff like sugar free dessert and health drinks that play more havoc than good food. And no, what you eat out once a week is not killing you, but what you eat the whole week in the guise of 'health foods', might! OK, enough of gyan!

Thank you for making this a widely read blog and I hope you keep dropping by often!

If you ever need to contact me for anything, I can be reached at wasim@chennaifoody.com.