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Moti Mahal Deluxe

A friend of mine suggested that we try out Moti Mahal and so we headed there on a Saturday night, only to be astounded by the quality of the crowd and the ambiance and the waiting time. We arrived the at 930 and were told that it would take them half hour to seat us, but luckily it was time to leave for most families and we were seated in 10 minutes. The cars outside were swanky and I spotted people getting into at least two Beemers and an Audi in that almost minuscule parking spot, and I spotted a black Jaguar there......

The problem was my expectation, I went in expecting a small nice eat out it but landed up going to an upmarket space with a very simple but elegant interior,and I was not even dressed for the place at least for that Saturday evening crowd. The menu arrived and the first starter was priced at Rs. 750, but we spotted half portions for most of the starters and they were priced at around 260 each. We settled for a chicken achari, a jeera pulao, a dhal makhani and a garlic naan. As the food arrived, the price just evaporated from our minds as the food was outstanding. The chicken achari was grilled to perfection and it remained juicy and it had seven pieces, so a half portion was just right for the two of us. The jeera pulao matched perfectly with the dhal makhani, and the garlic naan was just perfect. The quantity is impressive and was sufficient for the two of us. We asked for a kulfi to be shared and it was decent, not great.

Service was impressive. They had issues with us shooting pictures, but after I explained about chennai foodie, I was eventually allowed to shoot photos of their food. That was a surprise as I have never met that resistance anywhere thus far. Ambiance is classy and the pricing, though was higher than we expected before landing here, did not leave us sulking as the food was outstanding. A meal for two will cost you around Rs. 1300 for non veg.

Easily the best stand alone Indian restaurant in Chennai.

Food 9/10
Service 9/10
Ambiance 8.5/10
Price 8/10

Moti mahal is located on Jaganathan street, right next to Lister metropolis in Nungambakkam.

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  1. Ur the leaving me n going...Seri ellaaaa

  2. He he. You are working crazy hours......and this was not an invited review...

  3. Crazy work hours yes...wat todo.....v shud put some plan.... i mm off today....

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  5. Not sure.....have not seen it yet.

    Shadir, we should go to ox and tomato soon......

  6. Was here for dinner last nite, and food was yumm..

    Though the 1st order of tomato soup took forever, rest came in a jiffy!! And again, desserts- the waiter recco'd a pan ice cream, which was tutti frooti ice cream with some dried leaves in it... :/

  7. He he. They are not great on the dessert department, but food rocks.

  8. Moti Mahal has an outlet in the food court of Ambit IT Park (Ambattur) which is open to general public as well. Their food is a big let down. Go for it if you want to waste your money.

    Combo Meal for 4 or 6 - Plenty of rotis & Naan's but the side dish that’s given along with it is unbelievably poor. Bowls of vegetable biryani also comes with the combo. Its bland masala rice and if you late, plain rice is mixed with already made biryani to make up the quantity. Horrible to the already poor tasting dish.

    Biryani - Man, they should be crazy to call their serving as Biryani. Its again masala rice with Chicken or Mutton pieces added to it. Its so inconsistent that you will find pieces of Chicken tikka in some servings and regular biryani type chicken pieces in some servings. I swear my friend recently got one one piece of each in his serving! Also buttermilk is provided instead of Raitha.

    My review is not just based on a one bad day at their restaurant. Have tried tasting their food on several times but the results have been the same.