Moti Mahal's Packed Lunch

There is something about the packed food that is unappealing. I am generally not a fan of these packed business lunches and I don't encourage them either. But we had an quality audit and there was a need for business lunch and the auditors wanted to eat a quick lunch at the premises so, we ordered the business lunch from Moti Mahal. The two times I have been there, I really liked the food and it was reasonably pricy, but it was well worth it.

The business lunch took everybody by surprise - it was a rather filling lunch combo that they have priced almost ridiculously!!! Imagine a centre section full of a pulao. Sides had a small portion of butter chicken masala, one rajma gravy, 2 pieces each of 2 varieties of kebabs, one veg gravy, a small portion of veggies, some curd, one gulab jamun all fit into a box and 2 chapatis separately! It was one hell of a business lunch and a rather tasty one too!!! I liked the kebabs as they were soft and juicy and the butter chicken was really nice. I would like the pulao to be toned down spice wise as the rest were rather enough for the spice part.

The vegetarians got a paneer butter masala and four veg kebabs in place of the non veg and they were raving about it too! All of this was priced at Rs 225 nett/-

4/5 for a business lunch here!

Moti Mahal is located on Jagannathan Road (the road next to KFC on Nungambakkam High Road), opp Vijay TV office, or next to Lister Metropolis!