Prem's Grama Bhojanam

Normally, I would have apologised for the delay in this week's blog post, but this one took me a while to write. Actually it took me a while to think about what to write about this place!?! Or how? So this is the best I could come up with!

When I started the blog way back in 2007, my aim was explore and write about wonderful food and to show that good food and good health are not mutually exclusive. The journey has not been easy. At times, I wonder why Indian food is perceived to be unhealthy, while the reality is very different. Fancy village cuisines and 'brought-back-from-grandmom's-recipe' based restaurant came and went! It would suffice to say that I am still in the search of that ONE GEM of a restaurant in Chennai that can showcase South Indian food in a super healthy avatar! Ironically for me, it was only a week back that Barrack Obama and Anthony Bourdain's $6 soup went viral.

One man and his family has been doing this for a while now! And he puts my knowledge to shame.

Prem's Grama Bhojanam is everything you need to know about making super yummy South Indian dishes made with the healthiest of ingredients! Of course, in the most rustic of ambiances!

Dishes you know of. Dosa, Masala Dosa, Idly, Paniyarams! Made with ingredients you may have never heard of! Varieties of millets. Black Rice. Have you heard of black rice? Sambar sadam made without the sadam? Curd rice, without the rice?

And when you make regular stuff out of not-so-regular ingredients, it may not be so tasty, right? Wrong! If you didn't know what it was made of, you may not even guess!

And such things obviously have to be pricy. After all it is healthy, right? Wrong again. Rs. 394 for 3 people with our stomachs, brains and hearts full!!!

Right from the herbed water, to the black rice dessert, I have no right to review this place! Nothing that I can write, can describe this non-A/C restaurant tucked away near the Adyar flyover. No service charge, no knowledge charge for the time this man spends with you. Honest business driven with passion and contentment!

The owner, Mr. Krishnamoorthy should teach South India to cook! Period!