Little Italy, Besant Nagar

After having some fantastic vegetarian foods around the city in both pure veg and in common restaurants, I am planning to make a visit to at least one veg restaurant every month! From a personal point of view, I want to understand vegetarian foods a lot more! While there are some fantastic foods that are vegetarian, only a handful of pure veg restaurants, I believe, do full justice to vegetarian foods. And I am out to find out who they are!

First stop that comes to mind is Little Italy. I remember their Nungambakkam outlet from a visit about 5 years ago when friends landed there and I joined them. Food was good, but didn't entice me to go back!

The Little Italy in Besant Nagar, though has a setting completely different from Nungambakkam. It is eclectic, classy and on Monday with current Chennai's beautiful weather, it was excellent. Particularly loved their vintage car parked in the open space! Wish they had seating there.

There were hits and misses. Let me lay out the misses first and we can move on! Pesto Risotto and Creamy white sauce Pasta were disastrous! Among the starters, the bread with corn dip was equally disastrous. The dip was way too dilute for me and the pasta and risotto were simply careless.

But I am going to focus on the dishes that were great! The crispy potato skins were simply excellent. I believe potatoes are the eight wonder of the world, but looks like potato skins should take that position! It had the saltiness with the right amount to heat and a dip to match. It was fantastic.

The stuffed mushroom were another dish that we finished up in total. Yummy! The Penne in Red Sauce was a nice warm pasta dish. The sauce was nice and not dilute and with the hint of garlic and generous olives, it was a very very nice pasta dish!

The best dishes of the days were the desserts! We had three desserts and all of them were yummy. The Tiramisu! Now, this may be the only Italian Restaurant I know which has two versions of Tiramisu. A classic one and then their version with Vanilla cream instead of Mascarpone. We had their version and it was excellent. The vanilla cream was a great replacement for the mascarpone and it was a dish well executed. This was followed by the Chocolate Bomb, a nice muddy, gooey, chocolate inside a chocolate shell served with Vanilla Ice cream. And a nice fresh jiggly wiggly panna cotta with fresh fruits!

A typical meal for two will cost about Rs. 1500.

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