Five Senses, The Westin, Velachery

New restaurant alert!!!!

Yep. Chinese again. Indo-Chinese? I don't think so. I don't know, actually.

While Five Senses calls itself a specialty Chinese restaurant, the menu gives you a little peek into other Asian cuisines, mainly Thai, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, Singaporean and dabbles a little bit with Japanese as well.

With three of us, one vegetarian and two carnivores, we were set to explore everything that the menu had. No breakfast and lunch certainly helped matters.

Didn't start off great, though. The sushi platter, for me, was a big disappointment, except maybe the prawn one, the others were average. But the little appetisers that was placed on the table, unlike just the usual kimchi, had some herbed fried wantons. I don't know if it was the hunger, but it was excellent and my friends had to restrain me from filling my tummy with that.

Then came the fabulous soup. Called the Soto Ayam, it was nice warm soup with potato and chicken with exuberant Asian flavour. This time, no one could stop me, I gulped down the whole bowl. WE, gulped down both the bowls and was almost licked clean. Our veggie friend had a Tom Yum, I think. I wouldn't remember!

For the sake of our veggie friend, we had the vegetarian jasmine fried rice and the noodles and nothing great to write home about. Loved the sticky fried rice, though. It was interesting to be able to eat rice with the chop sticks. The sides were all excellent. The Chilli Basil eggplant was excellent and our vegetarian friend went over the top and stuffed himself, leaving no place for dessert. We gorged on the flavourful, yet very light steamed red snapper with thai herbs that was excellent.

We finished off with three awesome desserts, a very nice pumpkin pudding, a nice chocolate cake and a fantastic warm lava cake which had a bit of chilli to 'spice' up the dessert.

The setting is eclectic and luxurious. This place previously hosted the EEST restaurant which was a dark Asian one, but has been replaced by this bright and vibrant Five Senses. A meal for two would cost about Rs. 3000 here. Clearly, we didn't explore the whole menu, but looks like we will have to go back for that!