Coco Jaunt

Discovering a new short cut (after 4 years of it being there) has its own advantages. Anna Nagar 3rd Main Road is much closer!!! And that opens up a new range of restaurants for me when I am lazy to drive to the city!!! Suddenly that night we thought we had a battalion of options!!! After wasting the driving time we saved on deciding where to eat, we just decided it was Coco Jaunt!!!!

Small, neat and with a bakery attached, Coco Jaunt is a simple eatery with a nice menu!!! With my camera not in hand, I so wish I could go back to get a few shots at the food!! The best of which was the Bunny Chow! A South African favourite, its a nice big bowl of bread with gravy, Butter Chicken Masala in our case!!! The gravy tasted nothing like a butter chicken masala, but it tasted great with the bread, so we really did not care about the name!!!

We started off with fries! Why? Because reading it off the menu, I thought it was going to be a nice cheesy liquid on top of the fries. Not! It was just fries. And apparently the cheesy stuff is just the dip. Nothing to write home about. Then the super nice bunny chow. Done. Dusted. We had a pita stuffed with some stuff that was alright.

And then a fantastic dessert. A super moist chocolate cake with ginger syrup. I think it had a little cinnamon and something else to it, but it was fantastic.

We then took home some sour dough bread and cookies hoping it will be as good as the bunny chow and the chocolate cake, but it was as average as the pita and the fries!

Short dinner. Short write up!!!!

I hear they've opened up another branch on Chamiers Road, but I went to the one in Anna Nagar.