California Pizza Kitchen

CPK as this place is known has had an identity crisis! While somebody wondered, whats there to a name as the rose will smell the same in any other name, it turns out that name is important. CPK is so much more than pizzas and is a full fledged restaurant, not a pizzeria! Their name, though, confuses a lot of people I know!

I was there for their new offer, Rs 249 (plus tax of course) for their new range of pizzas. Meeting with fellow foodies is always fun and the dinner started off with my favourite, the green tea cucumber drink which is such an amazing and cooling drink that is real treat during summer! My veggie friend ordered a Thai crunchy salad and we were munching happily waiting for the pizzas. The crunch continued with the Tostada Pizza, which is a hot and cold pizza with lots of crunchy tostadas on top. I didn't like the flavours too much, but my foodies friends dug into it like there was no tomorrow! I forgot the name of the chicken pizza, but it was quite nice.

For me CPK has fabulous desserts that are way better than their pizzas. We had a fantastic sticky toffee pudding and their safe bet, Tiramisu. Loved it!

So, there you go. Why is this place called Pizza Kitchen? I don't know, but there is much more than pizzas here. Read, dessert!

CPK is at the Phoenix Market City, Velachery.