DG Grizzlers!

OK, after this post, there is going to be a break from Chennai Food! Yup. A Chennai wish list is coming up, so for a couple of weeks, be prepared to be bombarded! But while we are still in the Chennai food scene, two of us were at DG Grizzlers! Steak and Sizzlers are among my favourite things (Yes, I know I say that about a lot of FOOD), so we thought we'd breathe some steak in, before I head out to the United Steaks of America!

So it was a simple order! A portion of stir fried prawns, a strawberry margarita, a beef medallion steak and a seer fish steak! The prawns were excellent. Though I generally love these large prawns, I could live with small ones for dishes like these and we thoroughly enjoyed them! The non alcoholic margarita was excellent and the flavour was full bodied.

The steaks were very home style and I don't know if this was intentional! The beef steak was very well done, though the waiter repeatedly asked me if I wanted it medium! The fish didn't appear to be fresh and so it wasn't a great dish! The mashed potatoes that came with it were lumpy!

So its a decent place, but at upwards of Rs. 400 a dish, though the flavours were decent for the most part, I am not sure if a place that positions itself as a specialty steak place can get away with lumpy mashed potatoes and not very fresh fish for too long! I would like to try something else another time though!