Breakfast at L'amandier

I had a great time at L'amandier some time back and I love the ambiance and the very Frenchy ambiance, but after reading about the breakfast spread at L'amandier on Zomato, I was itching to get my hands and mouth to it! So two weeks after the Hyatt breakfast, I set alarm to wake up early yet again on Sunday and dragged our backsides to L'amandier. Though they were supposed to be open from 730 am, when we landed at 8, they were still setting up the place. Since some of the food was up, we didn't care to wait.

Started off with the cheese platter, which had Brie, Mascaporne and Cheddar with crackers, olives and nuts and I had two rounds! Lip smacking cheese course was the perfect start to the breakfast! This was followed by not-so-great donuts and very soggy croissants, which I left half way to try something else. The hot stuff started arriving and the live egg counter was up and so we got ourselves a nice cheese omelette, potatoes, chicken sausages and baked tomatoes for the next round and loved all of them. Since the counter is live, you can get your eggs made to order while the others were pretty good. I liked the fact that they did something to the baked beans instead of taking it from the can and dumping it - it was sautéed with olives and spices!

For the next round, we had baked fig yogurt which was excellent along with the minuet rib eye steak that had just arrived, but the steak could have been juicier. We finished off with the excellent muffins, cake and a cup of coffee! By the time we were done, around 915 am, the restaurant was starting to fill up and I learned that on Sunday alone, they serve breakfast till 1130 am. I wish I had known, so we would have gone in a little late after a little more sleep, but had absolutely no regrets. The rest of the day was there for sleep!

Priced at Rs. 345 + tax, our Sunday morning damages were about Rs. 800, but well worth it! So, yet another breakfast place for me!!!! Wonder what's next on the breakfast list!?!

L'amandier is on Chamier's Road, RA Puram, right next to Cream Centre.