Om Made Cafe

My friend's first reaction was, "Why aren't there places like this in Chennai?" While the three of us had varying opinions, the one thing we agreed upon is that Chennai might never get a place like this. We blamed it on the weather! Honestly, if I didn't look out from the sides of this terrace cafe, I might have mistaken the ambiance to a cafe in Greece!!!! And I actually missed my D90 that day because my phone couldn't capture the beauty of this terrace cafe!!!! After our varying points of view, we settled down to ordering our food and our primary reason for getting into a cafe was sit and have a round of business discussions! This place fit the bill perfectly!

So to get lunch out of the way, I asked for a grilled chicken with stuffed cheese, my friends ordered a chicken burger and a vegetarian lasagna. "Vegetarian. Really?" I asked the guy who is a connoisseur of biriyani! "Yes. And you are not getting any of it," he said. As it turned out, I regretted that comment as the lasagna turned out to be the best dish of the day! And I was given one bite and not a morsel more! My grilled chicken was a little dry for my liking, but the flavours made up for it, largely. A little juicier and I wouldn't have had to gaze longingly at the lasagna being gulped down! The chicken burger was quite nice and largely juicier than my grilled chicken, so I had the least tasty dish!

After an hour of chatting, it was time for tea and biscuits, so we got a little 'fondue' and tea for one of friends, while the two of us were happy with water. The 'fondue' is very misleading because the dish is just cookies with chocolate sauce! Not a fondue by any stretch of imagination, but the cookie was superb, so the name didn't matter. Nothing to talk about the tea!

Service was excellent, friendly attentive and non intrusive, which together makes a great Greek Styled Cafe!!! Located in Koramangla, 5th block, above Mainland China.