Copper Kitchen, Porur

When I see a foodie friend post photo after photo on Facebook and rave about a rather small joint, it does intrigue me. I'm sure it would intrigue most of us. What so special about a restaurant that looks like a run of the mill multi cuisine restaurant? When I had to meet a couple of people, we ended up going there unplanned and thus I got to taste their food, finally. One of the partners of the restaurant was there and would have skewed the service to a higher level, so I will leave that out.

I quite liked the Chef Special soup that we started off with. It was a bisque type soup flavoured richly with lamb and all three of us were quite at home and it tasted like liquid haleem. That it had the small cheeslings biscuits, which I adore, certainly added to it. The Arabian salad was blah! The grilled tiger prawns served with kubus was rather nice and we all loved the complex flavours rubbed on it and char grilled, while the stuffed Tangdi kebab was blah. Something was missing and I couldn't point a finger on what! And then came the best dish of the day, the Chicken Almondi (or Almondy?), a dish whose spelling I can't recall. It was an excellent stuffed chicken breast soaked with an exciting sauce and served with some french fries and rice. A very continental type dish, but Indo-continental at best!

My friends ordered naan, biriyani and a gravy and all of them were reasonably alright, though the foodie in question who keeps posting photo after photo highly recommended the biriyani. Yes, good biriyani, but not 'blow your mind' types! Though we were stuffed, we tried their tender coconut pudding and quite liked that!!!

Overall, for this price point, this is another run of the mill restaurant, but a good one at that. It means we have more choice among the multi cuisine restaurants and that can only be a good thing for Chennai.