Smoke House Deli, Bangalore

Why? Why? Why? Why does Chennai not have more places like this? As much as I hate to admit it, Bangalore's eating out scene is much better, but when I happen to visit a place like this, the feeling gets rubbed in like crazy. Located on the Indra Nagar 100 feet road, the ambiance is very eclectic with a small outdoor seating and two levels of indoor seating all set in white.

We were three of us and stuck to one dish each - I had the tenderloin steak, friends had a beef burger and a fettuccine in white sauce with grilled chicken. The first reaction to the burger was, 'Man, that's big!' The second reaction was, 'Better than Sandy's'. I can't help comparing, but the two burgers were a little different, but I quite liked the burger. The beef steak was excellent and I loved the sides and the beetroot sauce that went with it. The fettuccine was quite nice too, though the grilled chicken seemed a little under-flavored. In spite of being stuffed to the face, my friend wanted a dessert and so we narrowed the choice to the seasonal special, the Yule Log. In spite of being stuffed, the body found space for the dessert.

The damages were about 1.8k for the three of us and with nice portions, didn't feel the pinch. Service was quite attentive and glasses were refilled promptly, a nice bread basket was served at the start of the meal and the waiters were reasonably knowledgable of the menu.


Located at the 100 feet road, Indra Nagar, about a km or so from the Domlur flyover.