Krishnavilasam, House of Classics

So after one Arabian Multicuisine Restaurant, my next stop was the 'Home of the Classics', vegetarian multicuisine restaurant! If you think that sounds absurd (the specialty multicuisine part, no my eating part), then I explained that in my previous post. OK, just to refresh, I think Chennai, which moved from the multi cuisine to specialty cuisine (not entirely, but it did move), is slowly moving back to the multi cuisine concepts, so even 'specialty' restaurants are adding some Indo Chinese and North Indian foods to their menu to tap the market. None of these are really upmarket specialty places but ones that cater to the 'family dining' concept that even MNCs like McD have adopted for India.

OK, enough gyaan. We were here on a Sunday evening at about 830 and waited for about 20 minutes for a table. If we came in at 930, we would have gotten a table without waiting as friends who came in late found out. I wanted to stick to the South Indian 'classics' as they call it, but one dish that I really wanted to try, the Gramathukootanchoru, is available only for lunch and I really wanted to try that. So we asked for a Vazhapoo Vada,  Krishnavilasam special masala dosa, while the mom wanted plain rice with vathakozambhu, the wife wanted Rava Idly and I also wanted to try their Appam and Veg stew.

Thus far the food was good, but it is was not excellent by any measure. The vathakozhambu was the only disappointment for me in an otherwise decent  meal. We finished off with a portion of Adapradaman which was a little too watery for me. The ambiance was good, but contemporary, while I expected a more classic ambiance and the service was quite good and friendly, but it was not attentive or pro-active. Some training will go a long way as they seem to have gotten the basics right.

3.5/5 for me.

Krishnavilasam is on Haddows Road, Nungambakkam.