British Pub Food, Marriott

I love Marriott, Chennai. This is something that I have not failed to confess anywhere and though the last time I went, the Sunday Brunch was not as massive as the video I made there, food is still good. Marriott now has a new Exec Chef, Sridhar Sigatapu, and I was, to be honest, quite unhappy that Chef Girish left, but after yesterday, all my doubts on how Marriott is going to be, were rested.

While I have had pub food in a lot of places around the world (I don't drink, so in a pub, that is all I could consume), I have not had it in England! So what better way to get an idea if this is the real deal than go with someone who has spent a few years in the British Pub Scene!?! Fazil and me were there with two more friends and we almost licked every plate clean! OK, almost every plate clean!

The first dish to arrive was the vegetarian burger. Really? Vegetarian burger in British Food? The burger was not great by any standards and my doubts about how the meal was going to be, started! The chips that came with it, hand cut potato chips, or French Fries, if you prefer that, was excellent. It was so good that we ordered another portion of chips alone! And then the fun started! Cottage pie, with an amazing beef mince - kick ass! Licked clean, did not share, the two other non vegetarians had to get their own plate! I am not a big fan of offal, but the lamb liver in a balsamic reduction (and a few other flavours) was just as excellent! Then there was this vegetarian version of cottage pie and lasagna, both of which were good, but I, know!

And then dessert! Wow. First there was this very nice apple pie with a difference - more like a muffin shaped pie with the apple inside and whipped cream outside! Next, SPOTTED DICK with custard. OK, the chef gave me a long explanation of how the name came, but leave the name alone and the dish was outstanding. This was followed by a nice treacle tart and chocolate pudding and the dessert along is worth paying a visit to the Pub Food Fest. At 800 bucks for a main course, a beer (or mocktail) and dessert, it is definitely worth it, especially if you are a group!

Authentic? The British Return fellow said that it took him back to his "British Days", but the presentation was more 'Fine Dining' than 'Pub'. I couldn't care if this was British or German, it was nice! Period! But Chef Sridhar was in London for 10 years!

Getting into Marriott is a little tricky these days with the Metro Rail, but I am going back for another bite of the desserts!