Opal Inn

This place has been around for a really, really long time and though most of us complain that the quality of the food has dropped, occasionally, we still land there for a nice sizzler dinner! Has the quality dropped? Honestly, I don't remember the exact flavours from a decade back, but I won't be wrong to say that it has, at least marginally! So, when guy in the group was adamant that he wanted to have a sizzler, we debated everything else, even Duchess, but someone said that it is quite bad, so we settled for the known devil!

One starter, three main courses is all we had! The starter, with a fancy name, Dilwala chicken, was nice and had a nutty tandoori taste to it and this was the first time we had that and quite liked it! I wanted to have the Diamond Grill, but the fellow who was adamant in the first place could not quite make up his mind decided to poach on my order, so I reluctantly gave it to him and settled for a Chicken Breast Sizzler and the third friend asked for a full fish steak!

The diamond grill was excellent that night, and I say so, because in my previous visit, it wasn't all that great, but that night one part of it was excellent. The lamb was succulent and melting in the mouth, but the rice wasn't all that great. The chicken breast steak was very similar in flavour to the chicken minced steak at Blue Diamond and since I am a huge fan of that steak, this did not quite cut it for me. The grilled fish steak was very good, though I am not a fan of fish, I thought it was pretty neat. 

We skipped dessert as the portions here are rather huge and we were quite stuffed! Service was alright, very typical of a 3 star hotel and nothing to complain about, except that the bill took, I think, 1 million years, to arrive! 


Opal Inn is just off Nungambakkam High Road, on the road next to Barista. On weekends reservations are recommended, but though the restaurant was doing well that night, there were a couple of tables free when we went in at 930.