Go Go Ramen

Japanese cuisine has found its takers in Chennai for a very very long time! Dahlia has been around for ages and a few small ones kept coming and then Teppan came along bringing the Hibachi cooking, so Chennai has always been receptive to Japanese I guess - especially good Japanese. So how will the market react to specialised Japanese - one that serves just one aspect of Japanese?!?

Go Go Ramen is all set to find out and going by the response in the first few days, I believe this could be here to stay. First of all, its an almost all pork menu - I say almost because out of the already focussed menu (I say focus and not limited because the target group is quite clear), there is one option for vegetarians - the ramen in miso soy broth and one non veg option for non pork eaters - the spicy grilled chicken in miso soy broth. My experience with Japanese, though at some fine Japanese restaurants around the world, is limited and I have not had Ramen at any of these places, so I have nothing to compare it with.

Looking at the size of the bowl in the next table, we ordered just one Spicy Chicken Ramen in miso soy broth, one portion of Stuffed Spicy Chicken bun and a portion of edamame beans. The beans were very typical, slightly salty and a good time pass till the food arrives. The main dish and the side buns were both fantastic, the ramen in broth was excellent in flavour, quantity and it is a complete meal by itself - it has the noodles, the chicken, the veggies and liquid all in one dish! The spicy stuffed chicken buns were just as good and was loved.

There were two tables with Japanese people - the one next to our table called the waiter and said 'Yesterday...... it was a...... perfecth, but today, the noodle is a...a.....a....slightly....a.....a... overcooked. You must use.....the.....the.....the timer, uh uh'. There is no way I could have made out that difference, for me, it was all fine.

I am not sure if Japanese people eat desserts - only Shirro in Bangalore seemed to have desserts on the menu, even the restaurant in Burj Al Arab (Junsui) had only generic desserts and I don't remember seeing or eating desserts in Dahlia or Jusui. Teppan has a variety of ice creams ( and a wonderful wasabi ice cream too), but I can't think of any Japanese desserts. Go Go has only ice creams, so we had to head to Sandy's to get the sweet fix.

So, this place is worth a shot even if you don't like Japanese food, because the Ramen, while having the infusion of Japanese, can be quite neutral or similar to East Asian flavours, so you might land up liking it too. Remember that there is just one dish and that is how it was meant to be! Muslims and vegetarians - there is something for you too (rather one dish for you) and is still worth a shot. I really like it! Its quite pricy, but it sort of fills you. Our bill was Rs 896 for three dishes.


Go Go Ramen is located at the place where the first Sandy's opened up, in RA Puram, 4th main road, 1st cross street!