Tuscana Pizzeria

Wah, is there a better place for Italian in Chennai? Tuscana has become one of  our go-to place for everything from comfort eating to celebrating! The consistency with which they dole out dishes is amazing and I think I am yet to have a bad experience there. There was a time when their credit card machine failed and I had no cash and they simply told me to pay next time!!!

With Tuscana, we have a standard order - a minestrone soup to share, one garlic bread stick, a ruspante pizza and tiramisu! Add the 15% discount that American Express gives you and this is a place for a meal! But this time around, we decided to skip the usual and try out older stuff! Yes, some things which I have enjoyed in Tuscana, but because of the comfort of the regular order, we forgot about them! So we asked for a Hay and Straw pasta - a superb pasta that was featured in my video of Tuscana! Not available! :-( "Ok, so Chicken Parma, then," I said. Not available! "At least the white sauce cannelloni?""Sir, those are from the old menu and our menu keeps getting updated, so they are not available, but we have some exciting new dishes and you could try them sir and I am sure you will like them. Why don't you try the red sauce cannelloni?" said the waiter.

So we settled for our usual order - a stick of garlic bread, a ruspante pizza, a new salad which I had the other day with the CFG at Tuscana. I forgot the name, but ask for the tomato cheese salad and Tiramisu! All of them tasted predictable, super and satisfactory and I have written so much about them that I was waiting to write about new stuff on the menu, but looks like I have to go back to try newer stuff! That night, after being told that three items were not on the menu anymore, I was not in the mood to try something different.

Tuscana, please bring back some of those wonderful things from your old menu!!!!