Ecstasy - Michael Besse

Being one of the best places for dessert in Chennai, I wish it was outside of the Satyam Complex as dessert here requires some amount of planning! If you park your car first and then extend it for a movie, you pay double the parking charge and if you plan it along with your movie, then you get very little time to savour these amazing desserts!

I don't know the names of these two that we had that night before the movie. One was a special eclair and if you like variety in your eclair, then this is a must try. Served with a scoop of ice cream and an edible outside coat which was nice on its own, it was wow, but after the first half went it, it started to hit me! The second dessert, the square one, was either new or I have never noticed it in the display before. It was outstanding, crunchy, chocolaty, nutty all at the same time and no flavour overwhelmed another.

Yeah, this post is a little rushed and as you might have noticed, there was no post this week, but I promise to make it up next week with two places! Till then...if you're watching a movie this weekend at Satyam, indulge!