New in Town - Curry Club

"A little bit of Monica in my life, a little bit of Erica......." was a super hit song when I was in the last year of school. In those days, at least for food, speciality cuisine restaurants were few and far apart and mostly every restaurant was a Multi Cuisine. Soon the Multi Cuisine concept became synonymous with  "No cuisine is good".

We were there as part of the Chennai Food Guide for the opening of Curry Club on Haddows Road and this restaurant aims to revive the Multi Cuisine and extends it to Multi Events as well. A nice, posh space on Haddows Road, with almost 100 + seating, making it easily the largest restaurant in the Nunagambakkam area. They have a conference room, you can take the whole first floor for a private party, but you can also go there for a quick meal - olden day style.

And that is how the menu is structured - A little bit of Chinese, a little bit of Indian, a little bit of Continental, a couple of burgers and sandwiches and some desserts!!!! Needless to say, the opening of a restaurant is not a great time to judge the food, but from what we got, it reminded me of the restaurants in the 90s. I personally liked the Indo Chinese fare - most of them were predictable, which is good for this type of restaurant and reasonably consistent across the dishes. They had some nice fish n chips - the fish was nicer than the chips though!!! The continental was simple and nice, while I liked the stuffed dosas, mine was stuffed with chilly chicken. Among the desserts, the mud pie was a nice thick brownie served with ice cream - it was pretty good, but the paan ice cream was a cracker - brilliant ice cream!!!

Need to go back there and check out how they fare on a regular day, but I like the concept of a not very expensive but decent food kind of space in the poshest part of town surrounded by specialty restaurants. Sounds like a challenge to me!

A meal for two should cost you about 700-800!!!!

Curry Club is on Haddows Road - where the old MASH restaurant used to be. Take the road between Sandy's and Subway on Wallace Garden and take the first left - you will find it here!!