A few months back I had read raving reviews about Kettle. Friends wanted to go every week, but somehow I did not get a chance to go and then I forgot all about it. Last week, friends from the Chennai Food Guide were invited to check out the food and I accompanied them!!!

The place has been envisioned as a tea house and they have about 20 varieties of tea or so. In comparison, the Cha Bar inside Oxford Book House, another tea specialty place had over 80 types of tea. I have a soft spot for Cha Bar and ever since they closed down to make way for a bank, I have missed the place big time. Why only the Chennai Cha Bar was closed? Anyway coming back to Kettle, the place is much more than a tea house - they serve many varieties of sandwiches, pastas, salads and desserts!!

I liked the ambiance - it was simple and elegant and there was space for a bunch of 8-10 people to sit and chatter away to glory. The food, though, was good only in parts. The first of the lot, the Panko Chicken served with some broccoli was really nice and I also loved the scones that came smeared with butter and jam. The salads were all alright, but the Tomato Basil soup was a hit among most of us there. Totally loved it!!!! The salads, the sandwiches, the mushroom on toast, the omelette on ciabatta bread (I doubt it was ciabatta in the first place) were all passe!!! There was a pasta called Curried Pasta, that tasted like Pasta in an Indian Sauce, but no so much like Pasta Arabiatta. If you want to try an Indian Tasting Pasta, you might like it, I did not!!

Some of the desserts were excellent. The chocolate cake was moist, nice and super tasty, the Love for Strawberry Ice cream was equally good, the  Tiramisu was nice!!! We had two teas, the black currant iced tea, which I totally loved, but the white tea was blah!!!! Everybody is making cheese cake these days and so I did not find the cheese cake extraordinary, but it was certainly good!

If it was not so far for me, I might have gone there more often to read a book over chai and cake!!!!

Kettle is in Anna Nagar, on the 10th Main Road. You will have to go via Shanti Colony and take a U turn and then take the left to the road. It is on the First Floor!

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