Great Kebab Factory, Egmore

I am starting off this new year's blogging with the restaurant that I started my blog with, the Great Kebab Factory. Well, this time around I was at their new outlet in Egmore in the Radisson Blu premises, and we got there after we almost tricked a friend into treating us for dinner as 'his wedding gift' to us! I say almost because we ended up going dutch and paying it all ourselves, but had no regrets doing so! For those who did not know, the Great Kebab Factory is a "sit down and let us serve you the buffet" kind of place. The only decision you make is 'Veg' or 'Non Veg' and after that everything is brought to your table in a particular order. You can ask for more (if you still have the space)!

The place is not as fancy as their main outlet near the airport, in fact, I would not imagine that this is the Great Kebab Factory if the board was not outside and the ambiance is very so so, considering the fact you pay a grand and a half for dinner! But everything about the ambiance, the price and any thing else you can think to bring this place down disappears when the first roti and a small cutlet to be spread lands on your table - the Galouti Kebab! I have had this kebab elsewhere and you tell yourself that 'Hey, it is not bad', but the minute you have it at TGKF, you know that the others are imitators, at best. I wonder how they make it here and since it is the first kebab that is served, it sets a very high standard and makes the rest of the kebabs look bad. As soon as you put it in your mouth, it disappears like magic! The prawn grill was another brilliant kebab, juicy, succulent and super tasty! The lamb sheek, the other chicken and the fish were all good, but paled in comparison the first one! In fact, I would not mind going here and taking 5 or 6 helpings of the Galouti and heading out. My friend, in his second helping, took two galouti in a single roti! We all took the help of the wonderful lassi here to send the other kebabs inside, but galouti did not need any help!

Then came the rotis, the gravies and the biriyani and all of them were reasonably good! We were stuffed by this time and were glad that they served us only portion of the four desserts all of which turned out to be great! We all had a bite of each and could not ask for a second helping as there was no room in the stomach. In fact, given a choice, I would have rolled home!

Service was first class! Water was filled regularly and there was somebody who caught your attention if you need something so it was wonderful that way.

I would rate this experience a 4/5, if the ambiance was classier, I would have given it another half!

TGKF is located at Radisson Blu hotel, Egmore on the same road as Ethiraj College, towards the Egmore COOPTEX junction. For a classier ambiance, I prefer the one near the Airport!

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