Sunday Brunch Ideas - Pancakes, Fluffy Omelette, Exotic Dressings and more.....

Lets face it, Sunday is one hell of a lazy day (ok, for me it is).  Keeping up with 'Use it or lose it', I have to put my hands to use in the kitchen to prevent my cooking skills (whatever is left of it) from rusting. Now let's face it (this time, I mean it), the pancake is an American Dosa!!!! When we can add podi, masala, take to Mysore and add Mysore Masala to the dosa and make it exotic, you can do the same with pancakes! I wanted to, but was too lazy! But, I did manage to complicate a simple breakfast like pancakes, omelettes, hash browns and fruits!?! Here is how!

First, the omelettes. I am used to omelettes with onions and tomatoes and chillies inside. But what happens if you were to have a bland omelette and have a dressing for the omelette? This is what I tried.
I added 4 teaspoon full of milk to one egg, added a pinch of salt for flavour and poured it into a hot pan with butter in it instead of oil. The milk is to make it fluffy!!! Omelette ready, but bland.

Take a small bowl and add 4 teaspoonfuls of walnut oil, 1 teaspoonful of raspberry vinegar. In a separate bowl, add herbs of choice with salt to taste. I used a mix of oregano, thyme, rosemary and chives, crush them to bits and add salt to taste. You should be able to eat this mix without anything else, so make sure the salt is perfect, or slightly salty if you like it that way. Add this herb mix to the oil vinegar mix and mix well. Now add 3 teaspoonful of fresh cream! Feel free to adjust the ingredients to suit your taste and BINGO! Dressing for omelette is now ready. Pour the whole thing on the bland omelette and let it soak up, about two minutes of soaking when the omelette gets out of the pan should be fine. Yeah, recipe over!

Hash browns - the trick to good hash browns is to have the potatoes absolutely dry! Add pepper and salt to taste, use butter on the pan and spread the julienned potatoes in a thin even layer. Turn over once it starts to smoke slightly and in about 10 minutes, you will have perfect hash browns. Since I was making the dressing, I burnt them slightly, but slight enough to still taste good! I used the same dressing on the hash browns too! Turned out Yum!!!

The pancakes - I stopped making my own pancake mix ever since my friend Marsha Thompson (The Harried Cook) introduced me to Betty Crocker pan cake mix. The mix is made of wheat flour and has made my pancake life really easy. Betty asks you to add milk and an egg optionally, I took the liberty of adding a teaspoon full of almond essence! The end result was blissful. Team that up with maple syrup and you have a winner on your table!

Fruit Salad - I had some of the fresh cream left, so I mixed it with blueberry jam that my friend left in my house when she made us all blueberry cheese cake (that was two weeks back)! Put this mix on top of the fruits and added some Kellog's K to give it some crunch!

That's it. Simple meal made exotic and turned out to be a winner at home! I hope you can recreate this. I know I am not really a typical recipe writer and I don't know to write them correctly, but you can always write to me if you have doubts!

Raspberry Vinegar is available in places like Amma Nanna, but Apple Cider Vinegar is more commonly available and should be able to give you good flavour too. I personally do not like the 2% maple syrup from American Garden, it is nothing but a toned down product.

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