BBQ Chicken

This is a rather difficult review, because of the difference of opinion of the four of us who were there last week for lunch. First things first though, BBQ chicken apparently stands for Best of the Best Quality chicken and not barbecue chicken, so do not expect barbecue there, they don't have it. Apparently all of it is cooked in olive oil only, so it is being promoted as a healthy eating option!

Now to the situation, the four of us who go went there normally go for lunch to either Subway or Quiznos to grab a quick bite and get out, so to get rid of the routine we landed here. Since we were not attempting to try anything new, we went straight to the main course and ordered a grilled chicken in mushroom sauce, a jamaican grilled chicken and chargrilled chicken, while one other guy, who is currently undergoing a detox program and has food restrictions ordered a grilled chicken salad!

I thought the food tasted good, very good in fact! My chicken was grilled well, served with the right accompaniments and the portion was just about right for a main course and priced at Rs 299. The mushroom grilled chicken was about the same as mine in every quality and priced the same too. The chargrilled chicken was served with an overdose of rice and just two pieces of chicken, while it tasted good, my friend who ordered that felt that there was too much rice and too little chicken. The friend who ordered the salad was complaining that there was almost no chicken inside.

The confusion is who do I go by? I am of the opinion that you cannot compare a full service restaurant with quiznos or subway and expect value for money, while I also feel that just one main course in restaurants like this will not fill you. It tasted good, no doubt, but I think the situation of the meal did not give the other three the right impression about the place. The final bill was Rs 1199 for the four dishes and I am definitely going back, not for lunch when we want to eat and get out, but on a more relaxing note! Service was ok, but you have to buy water, there is no 'regular or bottled water' option here, which I find a little different as almost all full service restaurants serve regular water.

My experience here was a 3/5 and I would like to go back and try more!

BBQ CHICKEN is located where Movenpick used to be located, the corner building of Shafee Mohammed Road (that's the road, opp Fruit Shop on Greme's Road, Egmore). You can access it via KNK road too!

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