Au Bon Pain

My work takes me to Bangalore now and then and having quite a choice to eat around my office helps, but one day, I was taking a walk and spotted au bon pain close by! Decided to step in for a quick snack and a drink and got in to be welcomed by two women in all smiles! The place was almost empty, except for the two people working on their Macs!!!

It is a self service restaurant and I was suprised to see Bagels! I love bagels and had the chance to have some great ones abroad, so I was rather thrilled to try it out. However, by default, they did not have a bagel sandwich as they were out of stock with their regular fillings, but when I insisted that I would like a bagel sandwich, she offered to give me a sandwich filling inside the bagel for a small extra price and I was ok with it.

The bagel turned out to be fantastic. Yes, not the best bagel in the world, but it was really nice. The filling was good, the chicken was succulent, the sauces were perfect and everything about it was just nice. Surprised to see it rather empty, I have no idea if it is generally good or if I went in on a good day, but that bagel sandwich had me wanting more!!!

4/5 for this sandwich!

The one I stepped in was at Koramangla, near the Sony World signal, but apparently they have a few outlets across Bangalore. Are they in Chennai?

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