Grand Siam, RK Salai

When we decided to do a double date, the four of chose (ok, the two men chose) Grand Siam to spend the Sunday evening. After a slight struggle to even give the car to the valet driver, we got in and go seated in a nice comfy part of the restaurant. I really liked the spacing, you don't feel like salivating at the neighbor's table food and it sort of gives a decent amount of privacy which is a huge premium these days.

We were presented with a festival menu, but we also asked for their regular menu to have more variety as this was a sea food festival that was on! We had just one drink, called Summer Chiller, which was coconut shaved well and dumped with honey and mint leaves. We picked a Tom Yum chicken soup and a prawn dumpling soup to share and asked for sticky rice to go with the soup ( I hope you read my Benjarong post, it tells you about the soup sticky rice connection). The Tom yum soup was a little too tangy for me, but tasted good. I was not born or brought up in china, but the second soup was not a dumpling soup. The waiter tried giving me some weird explanation, but being hungry I asked him to just serve it to me. The soup tasted good, but no, it is not a dumpling soup! The rice with the soups were superb and hey, while you are there, might as well imitate the Thais!

The starters were both excellent. The pandan leaf wrapped chicken was juicy and tasty, while the banana leaf grilled fish was excellent. Both were polished of pretty quickly! My friend and his lady wanted to have some Thai red curry with the remaining sticky rice from our soup, the gravy was not a typical Thai curry. It tasted decent,but how many times do you want to eat something, but served something else which is not bad in taste, but not what you ordered for? The chicken qiew thow was very nice, it's a flat noodle, but very little noodle and lots of minced chicken! We finished off with the water chestnut in coconut milk!

Service was very slow, so we finished our meal only at about 1115 PM, though we entered at about 9! Things took their own sweet time, but service was polite. The price for all of this was Rs. 2695, so it is on the pricy side.

So as per my new rating, my experience was a 3/5.

What I liked - the pandan leaf wrapped chicken and the banana grilled fish!

Grand Siam is on RK Salai, next to the Apple Store.

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