Veekes and Thomas - Vegetarian

Picture this - a hard core carnivore, who takes every dig he can at vegetarian food and paying for vegetarian food (not me, what were you thinking?), is making a trip to Sabari mountains and is now a vegetarian for a while and said that he will just accompany us to eat food an will order a juice for himself. Yeah, the guy did not even say, I will order veg food, but he said, 'juice for myself'. The other friend felt really bad and said, 'No, it's not fair, let's all go to a veg restaurant' and this is from a guy who eats crocodile and camel meat. Later I realized that he thought if he ate non veg in front of the 'Sami', he will have to take a share of the blame too!

And that is how three carnivores landed in a veg restaurant. As soon as we landed, the juice guy announced that he was very hungry and wanted us to order three starters. What else can we expect after 25 laps of swimming, all of us were pretty starved.

And the tomato basil soup arrived! And it turned out to be really nice, slightly sweet, mild flavor of basil but very good soup. And the first starter, a honey glazed mixed vegetables turned out to be awesome. We were all praising the dish, so much, that I forgot to take a good photo of it! The bruschetta and the herbed potatoes arrived and were good stuff, not outstanding, but supremely good.

Three soup and three starters down, we got Strata, a paneer based herbed cheese sauce dish that also turned out to be supremely good, while the mixed veg pasta had a superb flavor. All dishes were fully polished off. 'Man, vegetarian food is so light, we ate so much and I still don't feel heavy' said Mr. Sami. 'I agree' said the side kick! So we had mango cheese cake and a chocolate mousse, both of which were minuscule in portion, but priced at only Rs. 40 each, they were both outstanding. All of this set us back by Rs. 995/- only. Service was pleasant, but I wish the waiters were slightly louder. Place is pretty nice and simple, but the chairs were slightly uncomfortable for me.

None of us (yes, including me) regretted going here that night. Looks like flavors make all the difference and not the presence or absence of meat and at Veekes and Thomas they got their flavors bang on. Either that, or we were too hungry to tell!

Food 8/10
Service 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Price 8/10

Veekes and Thomas is just off Haddows road on a dead end. Leave the road that goes to the British Embassy and take the next left which has some management consultancy board on the edge of the road. It will be really helpful, if the promoters of the restaurant can put up a visible board on the start of the road!

My favorite dishes were the honey glazed vegetables, the strata, mango cheese cake and the chocolate mousse.

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