Quiznos comes to Chennai

There is no way Quiznos is not going to be compared with Subway and I am not going to try. I love subway, to the extent that at least three or four times a week, we end up having lunch there. And for a very long time, I used to keep telling my friends that Quiznos, being the premium sub, should come to chennai, now that subway has proved that the business model works. My only exposure to Quiznos was the one time I had it abroad and I loved it, so I was mighty exited to try it out here.

On Saturday, with the sub of the day at Subway being vegetarian, it gave us the perfect excuse to try out Quiznos. The place is tiny to say the least and at max can seat about 25 people comfortably. The menu is slightly more expansive with subs, Sammy, a small range of pizzas, soups, salads and dessert.

I went for the classic Italian, which has chicken ham, salami and one other type of chicken with the usual veggies, while my colleague helped himself to a chicken carbonara. Each of the subs have a standard recipe, but can be altered to your liking, we decided to leave it to the guys to make it for us. The classic Italian with my choice of garlic bread was very nice. For starters, I liked the bread, it was soft, had a tinge of garlic and was slightly toasted without making the meal hot, and the range of meat was pretty good. Enjoyed my sub, while my friend's sub had very little veggies, lots of meat and cheese and he felt he should have been there and asked for more veggies. But the flavor of the meat in his sub was outstanding.

Subs are served on the table in a nice big funnily shaped tub. The nearby table had ordered a pizza and I could not help but think that it was a pretty decent pizza for the price. Thin crust, lots of meat and the person looked happy. Sammy is something I have never had before and it looks like a soft taco with filling, but I have to try out their other dishes. Quality of the food seemed very good, but it is priced higher than subway, with the non veg subs priced around Rs. 160 and veg ones at about Rs. 110. Pizzas are priced similarly, while the Sammy is priced at Rs. 60 each and Rs. 160 for three. Desserts are yet to introduced, but it's on the menu, just not available yet.

Sub of the day, a runaway success at Subway, is coming soon to Quiznos, but they need to find a bigger place, pronto! Looks like I have another place for lunch now and I am not complaining.

Quiznos is at Ishpahani, nungambakkam.

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