Ramzan Special, 2nd week

After a mixed first week, I turned to the Anna Nagar side of town for week two and it turned out to be an amazing two Iftars. Whoa, I wish Anna Nagar was not far off from my office, and looks like there are lots of nice places to eat around here.

First up, we landed at 4 Seasons, I have been there before and really liked the food and this time was no different. We got ourselves Haleem, a sauté prawns for the side and Khubani meetha. The Haleem was pretty decent, well spiced, creamy and almost non bony. The sauté prawn was amazing to say the least, while the Khubani meetha was almost perfect again. My friend ended up taking a portion of the prawns and two biriyanis for the folks at home. And when I last heard, dinner was over by 745, as soon as he landed home.

And the next day, I finished work early and picked up the Iftar box from Zaitoon on my way home as there was nothing at home to break fast with courtesy my last minute early arrival. I did not like Zaitoon in Adyar and have never been to the Anna Nagar branch, but picked up the box because it was recommended by a fellow blogger,and what a box it turned out to be. Easily, the best combo in town, perfect if not more value for money than anywhere else and also, extremely thoughtful. The box had, a bottle of water, a box of haleem, lemon juice spiced with yelachi, a small portion of fruits, one piece of dates, a small schwarma, one khooboos with mayo box, one paratha with a box of chicken gravy, one lukhmi (puffs), two pieces of chicken and a box of biriyani. And all of this for Rs, 280.

The haleem was the best I have tasted this year, period. It was perfectly creamy, perfectly spiced and tasted great. The schawarma was decent, the lukhmi was nice, the paratha and gravy were pretty good, the biriyani was not the best in the world but not bad, but while I can go on describing every dish, the whole package was perfect for Iftar with the lime juice and water et all. I was more than impressed and have already gone back there. And the price, is a shocker for what you get. I mean, I have paid a little more than 300 bucks for very little food for Iftar, so this was a pleasant surprise.

And look out for a family recipe of Belos! Coming up next.

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