I love fruits, most of us do. And needless to say, the mango is the king of fruits, at least for me. Is there anyone who does not like mangoes? It's a great fruit, really a gift from God, and mango juice (not the healthiest way to have this great fruit, but hey, once in a while), can cure summer heat depression. Fruits are a major part of most of the wellness treatments and whenever available, mango plays a role, even in diabetics. But, let's stay away from the medicine and stick to the food part here.

Over the years I have been eating a fair share of the produces of mangoes and my favorite has always been the bangnapalli. While the folks from other parts always brag about Alphonso, for me Bangnapalli was the clear winner.

But yesterday, when I was in Bangalore, my uncle gave me a mango which he called Ratnagiri. He said he was able to catch the best of the lot from Bombay and was able to get some before they were exported off. It looked like a small Bangnapalli. One bite and I was smitten for life. For the first time, I ate a mango that kicks bangnapalli is the rear! If you ask anybody who likes anything why they like it, they might say taste or consistency or whatever comes to their mind. In reality, our minds like things, but unless trained to do so, the mind cannot explain why it likes it. So the reason may not be right and I am not going to try and explain why I liked it either, but I loved it. Just LOVED it.

I did some research and found that the Alphonso from Ratnagiri in Maharashtra is one of the best varieties of mangoes available in the world, so in reality it probably is an Alphonso in its true sense, but I would rather call it Ratnagiri, because Alphonso has many varieties and for me, they are second to bangnapalli.

So this summer, I have tried the malgova, the imam pasand, the alphonso, the bangnapalli and this new Ratnagiri. And Bangnapalli has lost the crown to Ratnagiri. Since it looks like all good things, the best of the mangoes are also being exported, do try to get your hands on first quality Ratnagiri mangoes and enjoy what mother India is producing, the rest of the world is already enjoying it.

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