Mango Madness, Marriott

It's the mango season and Marriott has introduced the mango madness, an aptly titled festival to celebrate everything that mango is all about. At muffin tree, the specialty cake shop you get tons of variety of everything mango, from cakes to shakes to what not. I had a chance to check out some of what they offer and I found that even the tiramisu has been mangofied, into a mangomisu, where you have mangoes replacing the coffee flavor of the tiramisu, but retaining the mascarpone cheese.

And since summer is here, they have some nice shakes as well, and if you are fond of man vs food, then the Big Daddy is yours to try and finish. It is humongous. My friend and me could not finish it, but that is because we had two cakes and a mango smoothie with lots of curd in it. I think you can and at Rs. 450, it is really dessert for three!

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