I have been wanting to eat here for quite sometime, but it just never happened. Last Saturday, when I met a friend and we had nothing better to do, we decided to try it out. And we came back feeling ashamed of not having eaten here for the past so many years. And I wish I had eaten sushi here before trying it out anywhere else and that way, I would not have had that mind block when I was in some wonderful restaurants abroad that also reeve sushi.

After looking around the dingy complex for the restaurant, we found it and settled into the small, home dining room kind of place with not much of an ambiance. The lady who seemed in charge and was the only one serving, showed us our seats, gave us one menu for the two of us and left. The menu is extensive and each dish has a picture of itself on the menu so it made it very easy for us to order. Before we could say anything, we were given a bowl of fried stuff, complimentary and we later found out that they were fried squids.

We ordered a portion of egg rolls, prawns and tuna sushi for starters, a fish teriyaki and roast beef with potatoes and carrots for main course. The egg rolls came out brilliant and left us wanting for more, while the sushi and prawns were from a different world, namely the Japanese world. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would enjoy uncooked food, but the prawns stuffed with rice and the sushi with the tuna were both brilliant. For main course, the beef, though very small in quantity was a melt in your mouth beef that could put steak houses to shame. And the fish terriyaki was a another stunner and I guess this is the authentic teriyaki sauce and it was yummmmm......

Looks like the Japanese don't eat dessert and there is nothing on offer. The food more that made up for it, and I came out, feeling full, but not stuffed. Ad with almost no oil in anything and everything being fresh, it's healthy all the way too. Service is decent, very family like and pleasant. Ambiance is non existent, but here, the food is the hero all the way. The starters were priced at Rs. 200 each, the fish terriyaki at Rs, 400 and the beef at Rs, 200. The total bill was Rs. 1200 and there is no service charge. They also have set menus priced at Rs. 600 plus which includes soup, main course, rice etc. And it's probably the only restaurant in India that is closed on Sundays.

Food 9.5/10
Service 8/10
Ambiance 5/10
Price 8/10

It's a little difficult to find, so read carefully. Bang opp KFC on Nungambakkam high road, there is a small entrance to a complex called Kaveri complex. Enter there, park your car and enter the complex, you will find it.

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