Nala's Appakadai

Easily the best appams in town, this joint is needless to say, my favorite too. Last Sunday, we completely pigged out at the Express Avenue mall outlet.

I love their cheese appam. Great fusion and if the chef is in good mood, it will be really cheesy and super tasty. Their egg appams are quite nice and their keema appams are just amazing. Their gravies can be quite inconsistent, but I normally stick to their chicken chettinad or south indian type gravy and usually leave satisfied and my cellphone camera cannot do justice to the photos of the appams. I don't think I will ever they their chilly chicken or other Chinese dishes, but if you have and it is good, I would like to hear.

The combos are quite pricy for the kind of food, but yeah, these days, everything is souped up in price. The combos with two appams and gravy are priced around Rs. 125, the cheese appam at Rs. 48 and the keema appam around Rs 90 ( I think)

Generally my safe bet when in a mall.

Food 9/10
Price 7/10
Ambiance depends on the mall or outlet
Service nothing much to rate as it is mostly self service