Midnight Dessert at 601

There are times you have a very sweet tooth, the times your tooth hurts if you don't get out and get something really nice to munch on and your dentist hopes you brush your teeth before bed kind of times. And when that time is around midnight and all shops are shut, except the ones in star hotels and if that sweet tooth time is for your better half, then your options are pretty limited.

On one such night, we left home at midnight and arrived at The Park, and apparently many "better halves" were having a sweet tooth as 601, was packed. We ordered a chocolate filled cake and an apple crumble both of which were served with ice cream. And both tasted great. The chocolate cake was oozing with chocolate (duh), and went well with the vanilla ice cream, while the apple crumble was a kicker for me, just perfectly done.

At 1 am, I was not paying too much attention to service, but it was pleasant and there was always a smile. These two dishes set us back by Rs 500, but felt worth it as it is something we don't do very often, but yes, I wish there were more options for midnight cravings than five star hotels.

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