Ramzan special -Jewel box at Blue Diamond

Haleem is rather new to Chennai. Very few natives actually knew of Haleem about five years ago and for Iftar, it was always the kanji that was a staple for most of us. When I first ate Haleem about five years ago, I felt it was a thick kanji, just a very tasty thick kanji......so I wanted to eat out this time sans the Haleem, and found one more combo in town.

I was first served with a fruit bowl like most places and a pack of juice. I wish the juice was fresh instead of a tetra pack. The came the kanji that I have been eating and enjoying since childhood, full mutton flavor, perfect consistency and the works and I was glad I skipped Haleem. Then came their evergreen chicken cutlet, which is a personal favorite here, only this time it was smaller, but made up as they serve two pieces. Next the awesome Ceylon egg parota, man, it was juicy and super tasty. And then it was over.........no dessert.

Priced at Rs. 125, this combo is a steal. Served very quickly, this can be an ideal Iftar, as it is not a buffet, so, you will not be stuffing yourself, but just the right amount to fill you for Iftar and leave you space to have a nice light dinner. Service is quick and friendly, ambiance is exactly as it was a million years ago and the price was a kicker, so I would not mind coming her once or twice a week. If they serve a different main dish everyday, i would more often. But, I am going back here this evening.........

If Haleem is not your thing, then, this is the best place to head to.

Food 9/10
Service 8/10
Ambiance 7/10
Price 9.5/10

Blue Diamond is on poonamalee high road pop old Dasaprakash.

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