Ramadhan special- Fisherman fare

It's that tine of the year again......"Eat and drink till the white thread of daylight is distinguishable from the darkness" says the Quran. While for most Muslims, breaking fast at home is a tradition and the house wives dish out their Ramzan specialties which leave others wondering why they don't get such wonderful food throughout the year, restaurants have now cashed in and have their own Ramzan foods. This year, I am trying to sample some places to eat out during Ramzan and have a taste of some brilliant dishes.

Every year, I try Haleem at different places in Chennai and finally come back to one place regularly, and that is Fisherman's fare. And yesterday the Haleem was brilliant and left me wanting for more. I got myself just the specialties - the Haleem and Khubani ka meetha. The Haleem was mouthwateringly good, just perfect. Haleem like biriyani is quite difficult to maintain consistency, but these people get it right more often than not. Till last year, their Khubani ka meeta was soaked in jaggery, but this year, I really liked it.It is a very different tasting sweet and something that sonly available here during Ramzan.

The atmosphere outside is like a food street in Hyderabad or Lahore, but obviously much much smaller. Get yourself some Haleem this year from them and you can thank me later. 300 ml costs Rs. 100, 500 costs Rs. 170, and the meeta is similarly priced.

Haleem 9/10
Price 8/10

Fisherman's fare is on Casa major road, near Don Bosco school,

Watch this space for more Ramzan specialties.

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