La Shakahari

I was asked to review la Shakahari quite some back, but I kept postponing it to accommodate my other invited reviews, some of which were time bound. Also, let's be honest, a pure veg eat restaurant was not on my priority list. When I finally landed there on a short notice with a fellow foodie,we were rather remorseful that we did not give the place the importance it deserves.

Very nicely done interior in an upmarket but quiet space just off Haddows road, the restaurant is quite inviting. The menu is round in shape and tries to portray a multiple cuisine picture. A third friend joined us and we got ourselves a kebab platter to have a taste of all kebabs. What came out was an excellent platter that was just right in every sense. The paneer tikka, the veg sheek, the stuffed potato and everything about the platter was good. We also had a very different soup called the coconut basil soup which was something like the cousin of Tom yum soup and I quite enjoyed it. For the main course, we ordered naan and paneer gravy from the Indian section, and a white sauce pasta and stuffed pasta from the Italian section. The general consensus is that the Indian food rocks here, just rocks and I did not miss meat at all. The Italian and the baked stuff were alright, but I totally missed meat,but I am guessing that the vegetarians will be quite happy with them.

We ordered three desserts, The gulab jamun being served with a basunthi like liquid and not the sugar syrup and I totally loved it, while the carrot halwa was quite good too. The phirni was alright and it had to get a little colder and harder to enjoy, but in general the food was far above my expectations. Service is quick and attentive,so no complaints on that front. Pricing is quite attractive with the main courses being priced around Rs. 175 each.

It's a great new addition to the pure vegetarian eating scene in Chennai and the Indian cuisine is definitely up there. Apparently they are setting up a non veg restaurant in the first floor and I hope I am invited to try that out as well.

Food 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Price 9/10

La Shakahari is on pycrofts garden road off Haddows road in Nungambakkam.

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