Noodle King

A spot we used to visit often during our 'non earning days', Noodle King has been around for quite sometime and last Saturday we had a rendezvous with our old spot. The place has not changed much, it still has only two tables and about eight chairs, but the prices have gone up substantially!

To beging with, we had chicken balls, a nice deep fried stuff with the right flavors and can also be an accompaniment for the main course. We helped ourselves to Shangai Rice, which is a mix of fried rice and noodles, as we could not decide on one and one Veg Manchurian gravy ( I was told recently that Manchurian is NOT a Chinese dish, but an Indian innovation, go figure that out)!  All of the dishes were typical comfort Indo Chinese, but that's exactly what we were looking for. The Manchurian was not all that great and I would certainly not recommend it as it had an overdose of soy sauce, but the other two were nice.  We helped ourselves to some nice finger chips at Hot Chips, which were SUPERB!

Prices are about Rs 100 a dish, so it is not exactly a cheap eat out spot anymore, but hey, fuel prices have gone up too! Nothing much to talk of service, here neither is there any ambiance to speak of!

Noodle king is located next to Hot Chips on Valluvar Kottam High Road, just a couple of buildings before the Pizza Hut building in Nungambakkam..