Last Sunday, we were feeling pretty lazy but wanted to eat out, so we decided to get pizza home delivered. Domino's at home is a pretty common thing for me and I have always felt that the pizza is decent as I always go for the BBQ Chicken n Cheese pizza. But this week was different!!!

The wife said "Please ask them not to make the pasta dry. Last time it was too dry" and I promptly instructed the guy on the phone that we want the pasta to be a little saucy. I don't know how, but the food that landed home was stunning!!!! The pasta was saucy and super tasty and the pizza tasted extra nice nice that I had to take my camera and get some pictures and post it on my blog.........though I have been eating this for quite sometime, I never thought of posting it, but today was special!

The choco lava cake that we usually order was not special, but it is usually tasty. I only wish it was served with some fresh cream to soften out the extra sweetness of the chocolate inside, but no one to convey this message to!!! The pizza (regular) was priced at Rs 135, the pasta at Rs 89 and the chocolava cake at Rs 45.
I usually order garlic bread too with the cheese dip which together is about Rs 70 and tastes great, but this Sunday, we ditched it!

Food 8/10
Service - 30 mins, quick and polite
Price - 8/10

Dominos is found all over the place!