Cha Bar

Of all the places to spend time, either with people or alone, Cha Bar takes the cake and the baker's wife!!!!! I simply love this place, its ambiance, its service and its everything! If Cha Bar was a person, I will fall in love all over again!

Located inside the Oxford Book Store on Haddows Road, Cha Bar is literally a lounge. Surrounded by books, all of which (except magazines) are available for you to read while you sip your chai or eat some of their super sandwiches. There was an occasion when the guy, opened a sealed book for me and said, "Please read it sir, no problem at all" and I was hooked for life!

The chicken and mayo sandwich here, can give any full service restaurant a run for its money and reputation. When I have to meet people, I choose this place and invariably everyone goes 'Man, this is good stuff' after one bite of the sandwich. The chicken fingers is another good dish, the assorted fries used to be super great, but is now only great, yeah, its still great! I am not a big for of their veg dishes here, but my veggie friends love it, so I will stop there! The salads here are super for the diet conscious and you can add and subtract any sauce you want!  The chocolate cake here is THE BEST of its kind in Chennai, it is sourced from THE PARK, if it helps matters and is priced at only Rs 50! Of the drinks, they surprise me everytime. Their fruit melange is the best among their hot teas, while the green tea margarita is my favorite among the iced teas and the green apple drink is a close second!

I am here almost once a week!  Service is super and polite!

Food 9/10
Price 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 9/10

Cha Bar is located inside The Oxford Bookstore, on Haddows Road, Nungambakkam