Texas Fiesta

Well made Mexican dish is a delight to any palate, the key being 'Well made'. The Texas version of Mexican popularly called the Tex Mex is pretty good too and its sad that in Chennai, there are not too many places offering good Mexican food! Texas Fiesta joined the small group attempting to serve Mexican and my first few visits there left me thinking 'Good food, but is this Tex Mex/Mexican?' So when I was invited to review the place and meet its owners last week, I jumped at the offer!

The owner has spent a few years in the US and has a passion for food - so much passion that he actually went through training in Mexican cuisine! His knowledge of the Mexcian food is amazing and I was glad I went as I learnt a lot about Mexican cuisine. In my previous visits to Texas Fiesta, there were a few glaring mistakes on Mexican food, such as chopped onions being served as Salsa and curd being served as Sour cream and fajitas served without tortilla. All of those have been corrected, but is it now an outstanding place to eat? Well.........

While we waited for the owner to come, we helped ourselves to some starters and had Fiery Chicken wings and fried cheese balls. The wings were FIERY alright with a super dose of chilly - I am not a fan of the wings or the FIRE, but I could manage this dish, while the cheese balls were decent stuff. When the owner landed there, we all went with his suggestions for the main course and so our table had a chicken fajitas, a burrito with mushroom sauce, a beef steak and a chicken quesadilla. I will start with the best dish which was the beef steak - super well done with great flavor! The others were all decent, with the burrito and fajitas being served with Mexican rice and some sides, and the quesadilla being served on its own. The main courses all tasted good, but certainly missed the classic Mexican flavor that you should have when you eat TexMex or Mexican - completely missing except for maybe the Mexican rice. The owner agreed that some of the dishes were kind of fusions - for example, the mushroom sauce does not really exist in the Mexican cuisine! 

The dessert that we had, CHURROS, also called the Spanish donut was SUPER!!!! Fried to perfection, served with a super sauce and tasted unbelievable!!!! The margaritas (non alcoholic that is)  that they serve here are superb, my favorite being the Kiwi, while the lime and strawberry are not far behind.

Food here is good, but is certainly not Mexican or TexMex enough for me. I think there are enough Mexican and TexMex dishes that our population will enjoy without diluting it with fusion and my quest for decent Mexican in Chennai continues!!! But the Churros and the Margaritas here have no competition as yet!!! The margaritas are priced around Rs 75, the main courses between Rs 200 and Rs 325, and the desserts around Rs 100.

Mr Prem, the owner acknowledges that his aim was not to serve Mexican, but to be the best Tex Mex in town. In that sense, I think he will be getting there soon if he continues to make sure that his expertise in this cuisine is translated every time the chef cooks the meal!!!! 

Food 7/10
Ambiance 7/10
Service 7/10
Price 7/10

Texas Fiesta is located on Shafee Mohammed Road, the road bang opposite Fruit Shop on Greme's Road, Egmore.