ITALIA - The Park Pod

The Park Pod - a boutique hotel on KNK Road is a place that you go to celebrate special occasions - or at least that is how it was a couple of years back with a meal for two (without alcohol) easily crossing 3 grand or so. When a friend said that the prices have dropped and that they have good pizza for the price of one similar to Pizza Hut, I was naturally intrigued and to prove his point he took me there when he had a reason to celebrate and I was shocked to see that he was indeed right! But I had to leave early that night and so when the wife and me had a special occasion we went here for a dinner rendezvous!

The exteriors are exquisite and when to climb the stairs to the restaurant, you can see oommphh all around. It was a Monday night and there was only one other couple and so the we almost had the place to ourselves. The ambiance is amazing with one side of the restaurant having a full view of the pool (not a swimming pool though)! Nice classy place this is.

The wife ordered a mock-tail - Love potion to be exact while I settled for hot chocolate. The main menu prices are no way cheap, but the pizza menu is too good to be true. A large average tasting pizza at Pizza Hut would easily cost five hundred plus, so at Rs 425, our 11 inch pizza was a steal. The waiter then suggested that we do not order more as their pizzas are quite filling for two people. With the wife having a small appetite and me not in full form, we decided to take his advice.

The hot chocolate was brilliant  - a perfect mix! The mock-tail was superbly done and the wife loved it. As soon as your place your order, you are given complementary starters which has some Italian breads and sides and we ate them too - the garlic butter and the roasted garlic being superb in combination with the breads. The pizza then made its grand entry and it was YUM to start with. The wife only had two slices as it filled her, and I think it was the cheese, but after three slices, I was beginning to get full and had to stuff the fourth slice inside - somehow the pizza cheese was too filling and maybe pizza here should be ordered for a larger group as part of the dish and not as the main course!!!!! But dessert was on still and we ordered a hazelnut cheese cake which was SUPER PERFECT. A small morsel for Rs 195, but its taste was worth its price and since we were stuffed, we were not complaining. The mock-tail was Rs 300 and the hot chocolate was Rs 110, so the total bill was around Rs 1100, which is not bad for the wonderful meal to celebrate a special occasion.

Service was spot on, with water being refilled every time it was below half glass and waiter was knowledgeable with the menu, which helped.  Ambiance is brilliant and can compete to be one of the best ambiances in Chennai. I only wish they used a different cheese on the pizza!

Food 9/10
Service 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Price 7/10

ITALIA is the restaurant at THE PARK POD hotel on KNK Road, Nungambakkam.