Ok, on a cash crunchy day, when two ATMs refused to spit out money for some strange reason we landed ourselves at this dingy outlet, a couple of hundred meters from the Kodambakkam bridge and decided to see what the aroma was at this place.

We sat on the dingy bench and saw the 'menu' and ordered ourselves 1 plate of parathas, two romali rotis, a fried rice, a portion of paneer butter masala and a portion of dhal fry masala. Well, the two gravys were priced at Rs 20 each (yes, you read right) and the breads Rs 10 per plate and guess what, I don't know if it was price that made us feel that way, but the food was very very decent. Certainly better in a lot of ways compared to 50 bucks, a proper budget restaurant on RK salai. The food is prepared right in front of your eyes and so there is no problem with it being fresh! The portions are decent, made for one person, so you will be fine with one rice and one gravy dish!!

Obviously you do not expect any service here, so I am not going to talk about it! We also had two lime sodas each and so the 'meal for two' was Rs 100 flat!

Food 7/10
Ambiance 3/10
Service - NA
Price 10/10

Aroma is a tiny eat out located about 200 m before the Kodambakkam bridge (diag opp to Sekar Emporium)