Zaras Tapas Bar

Zaras is one pub/restobar that can compete with any full service restaurant for quality, quantity and taste of food and win hands down. Its been a while since I have had food here and last Sunday a couple of friends decided to meet here for a nice Sunday night dinner with drinks for the 'Drinkers' (pun intended)

The waiters here laugh to themselves when they see a 'teetotaler' among a group of 'men' and this particular guy who waited on us made it very dramatic, but I guess that is part of the fun and as long as no one is hurt, I guess that fine too! The 'men' ordered their round of drinks (for the heck of it - all of us were here for the food) and let me not elaborate on the 'bandha' factor!

We ordered half a dozen starters - the best among them being the honey garlic prawns and the grilled chicken pinchos - out standing stuff. Almost everything here is good, but the pinchos were excellent today. The spanish omelette was another star among the starters ,while the fish fingers were pretty decent. After a large round of starters, we placed order for five main courses - I ordered the king prawns  in tomato sauce, the wife ordered the Sea Bass fish fillet, the friend ordered a grilled chicken breast while his wife ordered some pasta while the other friend ordered the grilled lamb! The sea bass fish was outstanding and was the best order of the day - the fish was super soft and cooked to perfection, followed by the lamb which was another dish done to perfection. My prawns were pretty decent, the pasta and the chicken breast were pretty good. None of them were bad or average - all of them above average, good or excellent!

We were pretty stuffed but decided to go ahead with two desserts - A chocolate mousse and the other a walnut fudge with ice cream! Both the desserts were outstanding and a fitting finish to a brilliant meal!

Service is excellent and attentive and the ambiance is pretty outstanding, if only the music was a little less loud, you would not have to yell to be heard! Prices are good and the whole meal cost us around Rs 3500, which is around Rs 650 per head that included two 'small' alcohol, about 6 starters, 5 main courses and 2 desserts which is pretty decent!!!

Food 9.5/10
Price 8/10
Service 8/10
Ambiance 8/10

Zara's is located on RK Salai bang opp the Chola Sheraton Hotel.