Mainland China

Its been a while since I visited this place and for a small get together of about 8 people, the friend decided to meet here (at the Alwarpet branch) and that's how I discovered that MC has not been able to keep up the standard!

I was late by about forty five minutes and by this time the gang had polished off a few starters, so we ordered starters again and I tasted the corn fry in basket, the chicken dimsum and some chilly chicken - the basket in which the corn was served was very tasty and the corn itself was not bad, the chicken dimsum was very ordinary and the chilly chicken was average at best! We then had some chicken fried rice and a beef gravy which was again pretty average.

We ordered a sizzling brownie as it is a tried and tested dish, a darsan with ice cream and a portion of fried ice cream. The brownie was very average and certainly not fresh, the darsan was actually very tasty with the ice cream and is definitely recommended, while the fried ice cream had 3 pieces and was too big to fit into your mouth and so you had to try to cut it which spills out the ice cream and the whole experience is gone - as supposed to the ones you get in Noodle house and Cascade where in they are bite sized and six pieces!

Service was infact very good and pretty attentive and the ambiance was decent! Don't know if it was a bad day, but I am not motivated to going back there until someone else tells me that it has improved!

Food 5/10
Service 7/10
Price 6/10
Ambiance 7/10

Mainland China is located behind the Lanson Toyota Showroom on Cenetoph Road!