Atomic Donuts

As we were walking at the lobby of Chennai Citi Center (yeah, I go there even after the EA onslaught), the wife pointed out to a quirky little machine which was spitting out mini donuts, looked like a vada machine which was put to an innovative use.

We walked close to the stall and he did the ultimate marketing trick - gave us a free sample and what I ate blew my mind - maybe it was super fresh and straight out of the oven, but the donut was tiny but yyyyyuuuummmmyyy. You get to choose from regular which is priced at Rs 50 for 4, premium which is Rs 30 per piece and Rs 100 for five. Certainly expensive when you can get a good chocolate donut ( a big one that too) for about Rs 20 at French Loaf, but the premium flavors here were too good with rich chocolate, one with white chocolate, one studded with nuts, one with crunchy chocolate and the likes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the donuts and yeah, I am heading there right now to get a couple of them! Hope they maintain the quality and also bring down the price slightly - but yeah, it is positioned as a premium donut! Oh well..........

Atomic donuts is on the ground floor lobby of the CCC.