Ah, its been almost 10 years since I ate at a Buhari's, so when we had the chance for a quite Sunday night dinner, off we went to the outlet opp the Central Railway Station for some Biriyani and some rendezvous for the mother - who just could not stop keep recalling all the times she ate there and the wife countering it with how her mom has always had food there! God knows, but maybe the two have eaten there a few decades back not knowing that their offspring will one day be man and wife!

Anyway, we chose to eat in the A/C section, which had a little more sanity to it and once settled down, had a look at the menu. I have no idea why people order fried rice and noodles at Buhari - does not make sense to me, but I saw a few of those being served. We just stuck to what is expected to be good - Chicken Biriyani, Chicken 65, Gobi 65 (wife loves Gobi), Butter Chicken and Naan! The chicken Biriyani was outstanding - I thoroughly enjoyed it - something that happens very rarely for me with Biriyani. The chicken 65 was equally outstanding - Legend goes that this was the 65th item on the Buhari's menu and hence the name - I have no way of confirming or rejecting that hypothesis, but it was great! Always mention Chicken 65 boneless, because its bone counterpart is certainly not good!!! The gobi was alright, the naan was nice and the butter chicken was neat! We finished with Falooda which was pretty ordinary, there was Semia inside instead of the original falooda. Mom had to get herself half a kg of Buharis Muscat - a halwa that is a specialty here and it was superb!

Prices are higher if you sit in the A/C, the chicken biriyani was Rs 130, the Chicken 65 Rs 90, the naan Rs 20 and the Butter Chicken Rs 90! Service is average, but nothing to complain about! Nothing much to speak about as far as ambiance goes!

Yes, I will go back here for some biriyani next time I feel like it!

Food 9/10
Price 7/10
Service 6/10
Ambiance 6/10

There are a number of outlets, but I went to the one opp Central Station!