Ok, while this is not exactly Chennai food guide, but, Rendezvous is about 150 km drive from Chennai to Pondy! Since this place has a client list that drives down for dinner, I though I must have this place on my blog too! And I am eating here after almost five years, but the quality of the food has stayed the same!!!

Menu tries to accommodate everything and portrays a Multi Cuisine scenario, and that is where it gets all the bad reviews from! If you are looking for Chicken Tikka tasting food, then, they will serve you some Chicken tikka tasting food and will well NOT be worth your money or time! But move beyond that and have their house specialties, and you will be taken by surprise! Even lasagnas and steaks are not great here, just their house specialties, namely the ones written on a black board!

I think Pondy is the only place in South India, where you get the Sea Bass fish in local restaurants! Everywhere else it is an exclusive dish only available at five star! And Rendezvous cooks the Bass to perfection. Our Sea Bass cooked with cheese sauce was a brilliant dish - the fish was soft and was almost melting in the mouth! It is served with macroni, a veg salad and some sauces and is a must try here! Their house prawn are super yum! The price was Rs 500, and that had a super large fillet of fish (the picture only shows one quarter of the fish). The tiger prawns priced at Rs 400 for five large tiger prawns is a steal - they are cooked with the shell to perfection - you get to choose between cheese sauces, golden fry and shack style, and since the sea bass was being cooked in cheese sauce and shack style is also my favorite, I chose the shack style and it came out brilliant! The prawns are served with the same condiments as the fish! They also have a whole cooked red snapper and various other fish types, lobsters, crabs, oysters and the likes! The chicken breast steak cooked with the Worcestershire sauce was just ok, and the lasagna was pathetic. But like I said, Rendezvous is not the place for these, but I must add that their French Fries were amazing!!!!
For dessert, we had 'Death by Chocolate' - a chocolate sponge cake oozing with chocolate, and unlike the one served in Dominoes, this one has the right flavor of chocolate and therefore does not hit you! And for the first time outside of Austria, am I seeing a chocolate cake being served with cream - to me, this is the best way to eat a rich chocolate cake!

I have spoken about the service and their attitude, but I have not had a problem so far! Service is otherwise quick and attentive!They have a number of private dining rooms catering to families and large parties and a first floor seating that caters to most of us! The waiters here are known to have an attitude, especially towards Indians, maybe they are trying to be a little French, but like I mentioned before, service is quick and attentive, though you have to go there a second time to actually be smiled at!

Food  8//10
Service 6/10
Ambiance 7/10
Price 7/10

Rendezvous is located on a quite street on the French Quarter of Pondy, near Bussy Street, bang opp the Citibank ATM at Pondy!