Wild Amazon

The new theme restaurant by the Mouthful Group is open to public! The setting of the restaurant is simply superb, with an elegant waiting area in the ground floor and some superb interiors to mimic the rain forest setting (reminds you of the Rain Forest restaurant in Adyar, very similar settings). There are speakers all over which keep throwing out sounds through your meal which is more of a distraction than being an attraction. There are sounds of elephants and a waiter walks around in a tiger costume and I am not too sure if both the elephant and the tiger are found in the Amazon Forest, I thought it was more of an Anaconda place!!!

We ordered one Raan (whole Lamb Leg) cooked in Moroccan style, one Afghani chicken, one baby corn fry, one crispy corn and some desserts! The Afghani chicken was probably the best dish of the lot, it was soft, well marinated and well cooked with some superb flavor! The Raan was not as good as the one in Flame Grill (by the same group), this one, though flavored well, was very dry for our liking, and being priced at Rs 1100, you do not want such dishes to go wrong. The crispy corn was a new dish and I thought it was great too, the baby corn fry was the usual fry. The death by chocolate was a brilliant dessert, while the sizzling brownie was the same old brownie!

I would love to go back here for the ambiance, the food being well priced and tasty and the service was excellent. The raan might have gone wrong that day and I would not mind trying it out again before deeming the raan here as less edible than their other outlet!

Food 7/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 8/10
Price 7/10

Wild Amazon is located just beyond Citi Center, towards the beach!